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The Choice- Instant Play or Download Casinos?

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First time to step into the world of Internet Casinos? It’s now your turn to crack the timeworn conflict- instant play or downloadable casinos.While both are very popularly used, suggestions and awareness about the pros and cons of both the options always comes in handy and you can operate with each as per your need and convenience.

Downloadable Casinos

Considered superior to instant play casinos on the internet, download casinos are the ones that the software giants of the internet world go gaga over. All the techies who never compromise on the quality or the standards to match their techie speed are the ones that mostly opt for download casinos as they offer better quality and graphics which results in a better gambling experience than an instant play casino. The software that is used to create these downloadable casinos is high quality and legit which will even promise to take care of the cookies that appear on your mobile or PC also.


This high- quality software not only displays better graphics and visuals, but also recreates clear and loud audio that appears and ring realistic, therefore giving an unforgettable gambling experience. The downloadable option for playing casinos on the internet is available on every site that offers instant play casinos, and few also don not charge any amount to do so. With so many number of reasons to understand why some people prefer the downloadable casino to the instant play casinos, there is one more added to the list: the downloaded software does not require a Wi- fi connection to play and this will allow you to play your favorite casinos at your leisure and at home with a smooth experience of internet gambling.

Downloadable versions tend to offer all the features that are available and readily offered by the online casino andvery importantly, that these versions tend to have a wider array of games to choose from that will save you from the demon of boredom. They offer a huge selection of desktop games that give the user (you) top and high definition experience which will also allow you to become an avid casino player at the click of your PC.

Having said that however, you need to ensure that the downloadable casinos ought to be secure and trustworthy, which is why make sure to download from a safe source such as a software provider that is reputable. Though the perks of downloadable casinos exceed those of instant play ones, the downloading process is still a hassle even in 2018 and occupies large amount of space on your laptop or PC. Hence, look out for a compatible memory and storage disk if download is your go.

Instant Play Casinos

Instant play or also known as flash games, are the games that allow a user to gamble online. Most online/ internet casinos nowadays offer a version of play with no download option software which is basically amped by Flash technology that can be played via a web browser such as Internet Explorer or google chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Safari etc. In the case that you are willing to opt for the instant play games, make sure your system has Flash plug- in installed that enables you to play e- casino.

These instant play casinos will instantly load in your browser window which is an easy and fast way that catalyzes the experience of gambling at an online casino,minus the cumbersome process of downloading the software that occupies large spaces on your devices. No downloading also ensures virus- free activation of games.

A huge advantage inopting instant play casinos is able to skip the process of downloading the software. Although the time taken for download is quite short now with strong internet signals if you’re able to skip it, there is no need to wait for you to start playing. Furthermore, if you feel unsatisfied with the online casino itself, there is a total vanish of the need to uninstall the software. It’s as simple as closing the browser window.

It will also help you save memory space on your electronic device, which will only make the game work faster. The only thing your computer left on your PC will be the traces of the browser history, which is extremely insignificantly.

Many company laptops don’t allow applications to be downloaded as few sites are blocked from attaining permission. If you are an employee, then gambling online is an excellent way around this. The casino games can be enjoyed from any computer, even in the internet cafes, all round the world, regardless of day or night.

How much ever the flash or instant play casinos are more readily available than the download version, you’ll have to compromise on the quality, standard as well as the range of games to a certain extent, since they don’t typically offer all the features which are otherwise available on the downloadable version of the internet casinos.

Now Ultimate: Download Casino or Instant Play?

To conclude, there is no right or wrong option of the two. However, there can be times when using the downloaded casino is more appropriate than instant play and vice versa. In such a case, it is always better to know which one to use than to spend all the time in an unnecessary hassle and never get to play at all.

Download Casinos are better and more appropriate to opt for when,

  • At home
  • At a friend’s place
  • If hosting a party
  • A group get- together

Instant play Casinos on the internet will be your saving grace during

  • At a library
  • At a café
  • At office/ work
  • For instant challenges or matches
  • On a Mac
  • On a PC

Hence, according to the place and the rendezvous you are at and according to the time estimate you have, you have all the choice there is on the internet to choose the right option that’s best suitable for you and your needs, and just absolutely enjoy playing Casino online, completely hassle- free!



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